Hey I'm Matt. I'm a full-time student studying CompSci at the University of Connecticut. I enjoy building sites & apps.

About Me

My passion for programming ignited in 2017, and since then, I've been on a continuous quest to expand my knowledge. Initially, I honed my skills by creating a website for a local laundromat using WordPress. However, I'm now diving deep into the world of modern web development, with a focus on React and Next.js. The dynamic and interactive nature of these technologies has opened up exciting new possibilities for my projects.

When I'm not doing schoolwork, you'll find me tinkering away on my Homelab and working on various tech-related projects. It's a creative outlet where I experiment with new technologies and build things that spark my curiosity. Beyond the digital realm, I have a penchant for photography, capturing moments that tell stories. I'm also an avid Formula 1 fan and car enthusiast, reveling in the symphony of sounds that machines make. And, of course, I can't resist the thrill of gaming with the boys, just having a good time and making memories.